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Attendees Start Their Car-Buying Journey

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Auto Forum Shines Spotlight on Retail Sector The 2019 Automotive Forum, co-hosted by NYIAS, JD Power and NADA, featured more manufacturer CEOs than ever before in its 12-year history. Scott Keogh of Volkswagen; Toyota’s Bob Carter; Anders Gustafsson, President and CEO of Volvo; Fred Diaz, President and CEO, Mitsubishi; and Genesis’ Erwin Raphael headlined the program. Held at the Grand Hyatt hotel, more than 500 attendees representing manufacturers, dealers, analysts, suppliers and Wall Street had the opportunity to hear auto industry leaders discuss everything from how dealers can prepare for the arrival of automated vehicles to trends that will influence the automotive marketplace. GNYADA Chairman Lee Certilman and GNYADA President Mark Schienberg were both featured speakers at the event. The conference covered a wide-range of topics including cutting the time it takes to buy a car. According to car dealer Paul Walser of the Walser Automotive Group in Minneapolis, “We need to cut transactions down to 25 minutes,” noting protracted transaction times are a cus- tomer turnoff often cited on satisfaction surveys.

Other Industry Events In addition to the Automotive Forum, the New York Auto Show hosted a series of important industry events includ- ing the World Car Awards, CEO Hypercar Summit, MediaPost Automotive Marketing Conference, Mobility Tech Talks Series, Wards 10 Best Interiors Awards and the World Traffic Safety Symposium. These events bring the entire industry together and help solidify the NYIAS as the premier event of its kind in the world.

Broker Bill Priority for 2019 Legislative Session BILL APPROVED BY SENATE TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE 2

make numerous consumer disclo- sures. In fact, GNYADA has found that no broker company is fully com- plying with New York’s existing advertising rules. This year’s bill addresses these prob- lems by clarifying DMV’s authority to enforce registration requirements and requiring brokers to obtain writ- ten consent from new vehicle manu- facturers prior to selling or leasing that brand. It also allows dealers to bring their own legal actions to enforce the law. Additional enhance- ments provide further protections for consumers and New York’s fran- chised new car dealers, including pro- hibiting brokers from handling sensi- tive consumer information.

work achieved significant results. Nearly 60 legislators in the Senate and Assembly signed on as sponsors. And, on Thursday, May 30th, the Senate Transportation Committee approved the bill and referred it on to the Finance Committee for further consideration. GNYADA expects additional legislative progress to be made in the coming days and weeks as Session is scheduled to end on June 19th. Despite legislative victories in previ- ous years increasing broker regula- tions, these businesses continue to evade enforcement. Brokers and leas- ing companies flout existing laws that require them to register with DMV, adhere to clear advertising rules and

GNYADA and a broad coalition, including dealers, UAW 259 and the Teamsters, are continuing to push for enhancements to existing State Broker Laws. GNYADA has made several visits to Albany to meet with key legislators to demonstrate the importance of a bill currently before the State Legislature (S.4364- A/A.6655-A). The goal for this legislation is to enhance consumer protection and pro- tect dealers’ enormous investments. The prime sponsors are Brooklyn Assemblyman Robert Carroll (D) and Senator Kevin Thomas (D) of Nassau County. As of the end of May, the coalition’s

2 Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association • The Newsletter • June 2019

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