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Transferring registration in two names to registration in one name Knowing how to mark MV-82 forms when updating a customer’s registration information can be complicated and confusing. Here are the five most common registration-changes we receive questions about, and the correct processes for handling them. The 5 Top Questions on Revising Registrations 1: 4: Transferring plates when a registration is about to expire

Go to section #5 of the MV-82. On the first line, print what the registration currently reads. Then, on the second line, under “changes,” write: “Drop [name].”

A registration can be transferred and renewed at the same time; however, a temporary registration can only be issued for the number of days the customer has left on his/her current registration. (For example, if the customer only has 15 days left on their current registration, a 45-day temporary registration can’t be issued.) Also, remember to mark the “Renew a Registration” box and the “Transfer a Plate Number” box on section #1 of the MV-82.


Adding a name to an existing registration

The New York State DMV does not allow this. To register a second name on an existing vehicle, one must apply for new plates and then apply for a new shared registration with those.


Registering a vehicle to a P.O. Box, instead of a physical home address

After noting the P.O. Box in section #2 of the MV- 82 (“Address where primary registrant receives mail”), enter the customer’s residential street address in the line that reads, “Address where primary registrant resides, if different from mailing address.”

Transferring plates when a customer has changed the name on their drivers’ license, but not their registration


A customer can still transfer the plate in this case. In section #2 of the MV-82, check the “yes” box on the section that reads “Name Change?” Then go to section #5 — on the first line, under “changes”, write the name currently on the registration, then on the next line, write: “Amend registration to match new name on driver’s license.”

Dealers should continue to call DMV-DIRECT with any questions regarding registrations: 718.747.0400

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