DMV-DIRECT Newsletter July 2016

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DMV Issues New MV-82 Form

DMV has been phasing in a new version of Form MV-82 — Vehicle Registration/Title Application. The layout has been simplified, based on customer input. Billers should become familiar with the revised MV-82 and be prepared to use these new forms, starting in the summer. Dealers may continue to use the old forms until the DMV runs out of stock . The old version will not be reprinted, so when the supply is used up, dealers will automatically be sent the revised versions. Currently, billers/title clerks who wish to start using the new version of the MV-82 can do so through DMV’s website at . Specific changes: The most significant changes to the new version are: • The Primary Registrant section is now at the top of the form. • The “NY Dealer Only” section has been combined with “NY Dealer Only Certification” and moved to the bottom of page 1. • All lien holder information is now separate from the New York Dealer section and allows all dealers (including out-of-state) to file a lien on behalf of their customers. Other changes include: • The “Official Use Only” section has been moved to the bottom of page 1, leaving the small office-use box at the top of the page.

• The “instructions” line has been replaced with a new customer-request section at the top of the form. • The dealer lien filing section has been condensed, with space for two liens. In cases where dealers must file three liens, the third can be filed using a MV-900. • The “Vehicle Information” section now precedes the “Different Owners” section. • Longer space to enter “Primary Registrant Name” . • Supplying a telephone number is no longer optional. • Under Additional Vehicle Information, on page 2: - Question 1 has been reworded for clarity. - Question 2 now has a checkbox to indicate a vehicle is used as a contracted carrier, which will allow issuance of livery plates. • The Section 5 Certification now contains more room for names, signatures, and an optional email address.

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