DMV-DIRECT Newsletter March 2016

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Blank ID Docs Stolen in Syria and P.R. May Show Up at Dealerships

In the fall of 2015, the Islamic State seized some 3,800 blank Syrian passports from former government buildings in Raqqa. DMV learned of this from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, which sent alerts to law enforcement agencies nationwide notifying them of the breach. DMV subsequently informed GNYADA. The serial numbers of the stolen passports are as follows:

If any of these compromised passports or birth certificates are provided as a Point of ID in your store, please contact local authorities immediately. Thwarting Phony Document Usage Dealers have to be vigilant about spotting falsified documents — they must follow the steps in their Red Flags Rules Policies, in order to prevent identity theft. The following might seem like unneeded reminders, but they’re critical precautions nevertheless: • Make sure the face on the ID is also the face of the person that’s in the store. • If an ID has a peeling edge, tug it to make sure it hasn’t been lifted further. • Make sure all holograms are reflecting correctly. • Hold ID documents up to a black light. Much like paper currency, many have watermarks woven into them as security features. If youhave any questions or concerns about the compromised blank documents referenced above or about identity theft in general, please contact the Association: 718.746.5900.

006875653 – 006876000 006910001 – 006911000 006951001 – 006952000 007773549 – 007775000

Also around the time of this theft, nearly 4,000 blank birth certificate templates were stolen during a break-in at the Puerto Rico Vital Statistics Office. The serial number ranges to watch out for here are:

D6988901 – D6990400 D7079201 – D7081600

DMV-DIRECT Milestones Recognized On December 16, DMV Executive Deputy Commissioner Terri Egan visited Whitestone to attend the ten-year anniversary celebration of GNYADA’s Center for Automotive Education and Training and also to acknowledge DMV-DIRECT’s milestones of 20 years of operation and three-million transactions processed .

18-10 Whitestone Expressway, Whitestone, NY 11357 • 718.747.0400

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