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Talking Politics at Work

OCTOBER 2016 Volume 26, Issue 6



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It seems just about everyone is joining the political dialogue during this Presidential Election season, meaning these discussions are inevitably occurring around the work- place. Uniquely contentious election years have the potential to make these conversa- tions all the more negative. If you think that curbing political speech among staff at your dealership will create a better work environ- ment, there are a few things to keep in mind. No “Free Speech” in Private Workplaces Under the First Amendment, dealers are within their rights to restrict political rheto- ric in their stores or offices. It’s both legiti- mate and responsible to be concerned about the negative effects that political speech can have on morale, productivity or employee relationships. In fact, if a political skirmish goes unchecked, the situation could escalate to the point of creating a hostile work atmos- phere, potentially exposing the dealer to liti- gation.

Exceptions for Labor-Related Speech The NLRA protects employees’ rights to engage in “concerted activities for the pur- pose of collective bargaining or other mutu- al aid or protection.” This can cover politi- cal discussions and even support for a spe- cific candidate, as long as the content of that speech relates to policies affecting labor practices. Keep in mind that if an employee can estab- lish a link between their political speech and their security in the workplace, you’re prob- ably safest to permit it. (For example, if their support for a candidate’s weapons ban connects to their concerns about workplace violence.) Employers’ Politics Cannot Factor In If you want to institute rules limiting politi- cal speech at your dealership, those rules must themselves be politically neutral and applied consistently and evenhandedly. There can be no attempts to censor or change your employees’ political beliefs to make them align with yours.

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