NYAO September Issue


New Vehicles Top 25 New Models - YTD 2014 thru July

Used Vehicles Top 25 Used Models - YTD 2014 thru July

Honda Civic Honda CR-V Honda Accord

Toyota Corolla BMW 3-Series Nissan Rogue Honda CR-V Honda Civic Toyota Camry Nissan Altima Honda Accord






8,895 8,863

PG: 8 new york auto outlook : NEW & USED VEHICLE MARKET September 2014 Issue 0 Ford Fusion BMW 3-Series Hyunadai Elantra Ford Explorer Nissan Sentra JeepWrangler Toyota Highlander Toyota Corolla Subaru Forester Honda Odyssey Ford Escape Mercedes E-Class Lexus RX Honda Pilot Toyota Sienna Jeep Cherokee Hyundai Sonata Toyota RAV4 Nissan Rogue Toyota Camry Jeep Grand Cherokee Nissan Altima 3,739 3,590 3,540 3,401 3,384 32,32 3,202










Mercedes M-Class In niti G Hyundai Elantra Ford Escape Honda Odyssey Nissan Maxima Mercedes E-Class Volkswagen Jetta Nissan Sentra BMW 5-Series Ford E-Series Toyota RAV4 Jeep Grand Cherokee Toyota Sienna Mercedes C-Class Honda Pilot Hyundai Sonata



Mid Sized cars are the leaders in the used vehicle market. Accord, Altima, and Camry were ranked rst thru third, respectively.


2,017 1,971 1,933 1,882

4,292 4,179 4,129

Three Hondas were at the top of the new vehicle sales chart this year (Accord, CR-V, and Civic).

3,991 3,985 3,929



1,606 1,572 1,564

3,881 3,878

1,551 1,524 1,478

1,461 1,425

1,000 1,380 1,340



9,000 12,000 15,000






Used light vehicle registrations

New retail light vehicle registrations

HOW DATA IS COMPILED All data represents retail vehicle registrations in the New York Metro Area and excludes fleet and wholesale transactions. August 2014 figures were estimated by Auto Outlook based on recent trends in the Metro Area market, seasonal factors, and results in the National market. Please keep in mind that monthly registration figures can occasionally be subject to fluctuations, resulting in over or under estimation of actual results. This usually occurs due to processing delays by governmental agencies. For this reason, the year-to-date figures will typically be more reflective of market results. For year-to-date figures, most recent month (August) is estimated and previous months are actual. Historical registration figures were recently updated by Polk, and will differ slightly from those presented in previous issues.

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