2015 GNYADA Employee Handbook



I acknowledge that I have received a copy of GNYADA's Employee Handbook, and that I have read the Handbook. I understand that the Handbook is intended to give me information about the main features of GNYADA employment policies, benefits, and certain other general information, and that it does not, and is not intended to cover these matters in detail or serve as a contract between me and GNYADA. I understand that my employment with GNYADA is terminable at will. Accordingly, I may be discharged at any time, for any reason or for no reason. Similarly, I may resign at any time; however, I am expected to give as much advance notice as possible and, at a minimum, the customary two (2) weeks' notice. I understand that no representative of GNYADA has any authority to modify the employment at will relationship except the President and any such modification must be in the form of a written employment contract signed by the President. I further understand that all statements in the manual are subject to change by GNYADA unilaterally and without notice to me.


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