DMV DIRECT NEWS September 2015

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SERVING DEALERS FOR 20 YEARS NYS’s Largest Public-Private Initiative Celebrates

Developed in order to help dealers expedite registrations and titling quickly and efficiently, DMV-DIRECT reached a major milestone this month— twenty years of collaboration with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. Since its inception in August of 1995, DMV-DIRECT has grown to become the DMV’s largest private sector partner. “The goal was to improve dealership functions, by combining dealer operations with state operations,” said Donna Mause, who served as DMV-DIRECT’s Director for its first seven years. “We built a great rapport with dealers, resolving issues and getting their work done quickly,” Mause continued. “They no longer had their temporary registrations expiring because of the time lag that it sometimes took in Albany. We eliminated time and made the process simple.” The initiative between GNYADA and the Department of Motor Vehicles boasts a near-perfect error rate, allows dealers to provide customers with faster delivery of registration documents, and saves New York State the costs of performing this work at State DMV locations.

“Twenty years is a tremendous milestone for a private/ public venture such as this,” said GNYADA president Mark Schienberg. “The longevity of the arrangement is reflective of our determination to monitor and evaluate every transaction and to give dealers impeccable service. DMV-DIRECT is a cost-saving to the State of New York, while allowing dealers to serve their customers better.” Based in the Association offices in Whitestone, Queens, DMV-DIRECT presently employs 12 staff and collects more than $10 million in annual revenue for the state. Said Schienberg, “DMV-DIRECT is the perfect example of business and government working together and achieving enormous successes.”

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Speeds up vehicle registrations for consumers Saves dealers time, money and inconvenience Saves NYS money



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