DMV-DIRECT Newsletter February 2017

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Altering Information on MV-50s If a dealership needs to change information provided on an MV-50, this does not necessarily require a new form to be generated— the original may still be accepted by the DMV, following the rules below. For most fields, the dealership may draw a line through the mistake and clearly write the correction next to or above it, in the appropriate box. The information that is being crossed out still needs to be readable by the DMV . They reject MV-50s that have been whited-out, scribbled over, or had tape pasted to cover the error. Please note the following items may NOT be corrected or altered on an MV-50: • Vehicle Identification Number • Liens • Odometer reading • Buyer’s signature • Date of sale • Dealer issued plat e numbers


A few constant “rules of thumb” will assure that your dealership’s transactions are always processed quickly and efficiently. We encourage billers to keep these helpful hints in mind! Trade In titles should be carefully checked for lemon law violations or other branding (such as flood or salvage) which could affect the resulting sale. The mileage on the front of the title should also be checked, to make sure it is consistent with the vehicle’s odometer. Although many states that border New York are now also following “Cal Car” (California Car) emissions requirements , MSO swaps should always be checked for proper branding, 1 2

Incorrect entries in police books cannot be crossed out, whited-out or altered in any way. The entry must be voided and the new entry pages recorded in the left-hand column, next to the voided entry. New York State dealers may only apply for “Title Only” in the dealership name, on repossession or garagemen’s liens transactions. Title-only transactions must still undergo vehicle safety inspections. As per Dealer Plate Issuance policy, if a customer has transferrable plates, dealers are required to use those plates and cannot issue new plates.





so that the dealership is not stuck with a vehicle that cannot be registered in New York. Mileage corrections can be very difficult to process. To avoid future hassles, be sure the correct mileage is written on the back of all trade titles and odometer statements the dealership receives. The last inspection report and a signed copy of the original odometer statement can be used to correct the mileage.


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