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1 Bob Vail Elected NADA Director

FEBRUARY 2017 Volume 27, Issue 1

Bob is a third-generation auto dealer. The Vail family has been in the auto industry since 1918, when Bob’s grandfather first opened a Chevrolet dealership in Ossining, N.Y. Bob entered the family business in the '60s, starting as a mechanic at a Studebaker dealership owned by his father and brother. In 2014, Bob replaced Neale Kuperman as GNYADA Chairman of the Board; now, he inherits Neale’s NADA Director seat. Bob attended his first NADA Board Meeting at the NADA Convention in late January. He has already been appointed to both the Regulatory Affairs and Dealership Operations Committees. GNYADA wishes Bob the greatest of suc- cess as he takes on this prominent new role. We know that he will continue the standard of excellence that Neale maintained. We also take this opportunity to thank Neale for his decades of service to our industry, and for giving franchised new car dealers an important voice on the national stage.


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Immediate Past Chairman Bob Vail (Vail Buick GMC) has been elected as NADA Director for the Metro New York region. GNYADA congratulates Bob on this mean- ingful and well-deserved achievement. New York Metro dealers should have confi- dence that Bob will work tirelessly as their advocate on the national level; he brings 40 years of dealership experience, including ten years serving on GNYADA’s Executive Committee. As a member of the Executive Committee, Bob has attended meetings with state and federal legislators to address dealer concerns and to strengthen New York State’s Franchise Law.

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DURATION: LIMITEDWARRANTY. Thedealerwillpay 100%of the laborand100%of theparts for thecovered systems that fail during thewarranty period. Ask the dealer for a copy of thewarranty, and for any documents that explainwarranty coverage, exclusions, and the dealer’s repair obligations. Impliedwarranties under your state’s lawsmaygive youadditional rights. FULLWARRANTY. DEALER WARRANTY Thedealer doesn’tmakeanypromises to fix things thatneed repairwhen you buy the vehicle or afterward. But impliedwarranties under your state’s lawsmaygive you some rights to have thedealer take careof seriousproblems thatwerenotapparentwhen youbought the vehicle. IMPLIED WARRANTIES ONLY

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This vehicle is soldwith the statutorywarranty required byNewYorkGeneralBusiness Law sections198-aand 198-b.The systems coveredby thiswarranty include: (a)Engine.All lubricatedparts,water pump, fuelpump, manifolds,engineblock, cylinder head, rotaryengine housingsand flywheels. (b)Transmission.The transmission case, internal parts and the torque converter. (c)DriveAxle.Front and reardriveaxlehousingsand internal parts, axle shafts,propeller shaftsand universal joints. (d)Brakes.Master cylinder, vacuum assistbooster, wheel cylinders, hydraulic lines and fittings anddisc brake calipers. (e)Radiator. (f)Steering.The steeringgearhousingandall internal parts, power steeringpump, valve body,pistonand rack. (g)Alternator, generator, starter, ignition system excludingbattery. (h)Other, if any.

If the vehiclehas18,000milesor less and has been in service less than 24months from thedate of original delivery the vehicle shall receive themanufacturer’s expresswarranty coverageup to theearlier of18,000 milesor 24months. 90 daysor4,000miles – for vehicleswithmore than 18,000milesormore than24months in service from the date of originaldelivery but up to36,000miles. 60 daysor3,000miles – for vehicleswithmore than 36,000milesbut up to80,000miles. 30daysor 1,000miles – for vehicleswithmore than 80,000milesbutup to100,000miles.

Dealer Hotline 718.746.5900

MANUFACTURER’SWARRANTYSTILLAPPLIES. Themanufacturer’soriginalwarranty has not expiredon some componentsof the vehicle. NON-DEALERWARRANTIESFORTHISVEHICLE:

ASKTHEDEALER IFYOURMECHANICCAN INSPECTTHEVEHICLEONOROFFTHELOT. OBTAINAVEHICLEHISTORYREPORTANDCHECKFOROPENSAFETYRECALLS. For information on how to obtain a vehicle history report, visit To check for open safety recalls, visit Youwill need the vehicle identification number (VIN) shown above tomake the best use of the resources on these sites. SEEOTHERSIDE for important additional information, includinga listofmajor usedmotor vehicles. Si elconcesionariogestion SERVICECONTRACT. A service contracton this vehicle isavailable foranextra charge. Ask for details about coverage,deductible,price,andexclusions. If youbuya service contractwithin90days of your purchase of this vehicle, impliedwarranties under your state’s lawsmaygive youadditional rights. Ask thedealer fora copy of thewarranty documentandanexplanationofwarranty coverage, exclusions, and repair obligations. OTHERUSEDVEHICLEWARRANTYAPPLIES. MANUFACTURER’SUSEDVEHICLEWARRANTYAPPLIES.


The Newsletter • February 2017

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