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NOVEMBER 2016 Volume 26, Issue 7



NADA's Political Action Committee repre- sents the interests of franchised new car dealers, by supporting candidates for federal office who understand the important role played by automobile dealers in this coun- try. The PAC is funded by contributions from NADA members; this year, we must keep these donation numbers strong. NADA is engaged in several active legisla- tive battles, the outcomes of which will have major implications for dealers. These include: Stopping the CFPB from seizing control over consumer vehicle financing. The Bureau has been pushing for this authori- ty ever since it issued a flawed guidance bulletin, which falsely alleged rampant discrimination in the lending process. Opposing recall legislation that catego- rizes all motor vehicle recalls as effec- tively equal, rather than accounting for factors such as safety, diminished value of consumers’ vehicles, and holding man- ufacturers responsible for supplying the parts for repairs made by dealerships. The above efforts, and many others taken on by NADA, seek outcomes that benefit all parties in the car-buying process. In a recent communication about the 100-year anniversary of NADA, Chairman Jeff Carlson enunciated the negative ripple effects caused by constraining and over- regulating the operations of dealers, and how these effects are most felt by con- sumers:

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“NADA has worked tirelessly to educate government officials and the media about the dealer business and how we provide effi- cient and cost-effective services to the driv- ing public. We've had endless correspon- dence, roundtables and even hearings with our federal regulators so they can under- stand how their decisions impact this indus- try and the customers whom we serve.” Keep GNYADA a Leading Contributor! We are proud that Greater New York has long held a top-ten spot among dealer asso- ciations throughout the U.S., in terms of PAC contributions. Both we and NADA are extremely grateful to the GNYADA mem- bers who have donated over the years. With the need for a strong national presence as important as ever, we encourage our mem- bers to continue supporting the cause. To join NADA or to make a donation to the NADA PAC, please contact Jennifer at the Association: / 718.746.5900. Learn more at:

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